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Our story

         As a direct docking manufacturer, we know what is best for you. Many people experienced that when they are engaged in the industry, they are often not defeated by insiders, but by skilled social media promotion methods of laymen. We are such a professional electric bicycle manufacturer. Seeing many companies that did not boom because of good quality and affordable prices, based on the concept that everyone can feel the charm and convenience of electric bicycles, with more than ten years of experience in the bicycle industry, Eric Yam intends to lead his team to bring every consumer their due treatment: a foldable, kinetic energy recovery electric bicycle that combines price advantages and high quality performance.
      With the high-speed development of the world, the electric era will come as scheduled. This is an inevitable trend. We just want more people to join us and accelerate the pace of protecting our homes. Imagine how much space and energy we will save when everyone uses electric bicycles instead of cars. Remember, when you riding a bike, you are not only pedaling , but also recycling. You deserve a better ride.